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Surfing World Issue 383


Surfing World Magazine

Issue 383

March 2017

No, the cover shot is not Snapper Rocks but yes, that speed blur weaving through the funnel is indeed Mick Fanning. Imagine Skeleton Bay as a tropical righthander and you're getting warmer... Kelly Slater has announced 2017 will be his final year on tour and his final crusade for World Title XII, but is he really prepared for the final curtain call? Sean Doherty examines. On that note: Title Predictions! Is it possible to predict a World Champ a season out from Pipe? Or course not, but we'll give it a red hot go like the idiots that we are. Dion Agius presents us with a surf film that might just kill the internet, because who can stand anymore bloody cat videos? Plus Durf Frenz, best surfing with Bryce Young, Nat Young and the return of Frankology!

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