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Surfing World Issue 399


SW399 : Andy Irons – The Truth Will Set You Free

“I definitely think I owe that to Andy. I think we all owe it to him to be honest about his story.” – Kelly Slater

“If it only helps one kid or changes the course of something for someone, then it’s the right thing.” – Joel Parkinson

“This thing’s been picked apart every which way, and it’s only going to make it worse if we sugar-coat it.” – Steve Jones, director of Andy Irons: Kissed By God

“I just wish Andy was here to fee that, to feel that it’s okay.” – Lyndie Irons

Eight years after three time World Champion Andy Irons died in a Dallas hotel room, the story of what really happened in the years beforehand is being revealed in the tell-all documentary Andy Irons: Kissed By God. This special issue of Surfing World Magazine examines how Andy’s death has changed surfing’s relationship with mental illness, addiction and the truth. With the heartbreaking complete story finally revealed, an awful weight has been lifted from the people who were closest to Andy. Surfing World speaks exclusively to those people about how it feels to be set free to finally tell Andy’s story.

A must-read Surfing World as we come to understand wholly one of our greatest ever stars and the surfers in our community who may face similar mental health and addiction problems in our future.

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