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Surfing World Issue 386


Surfing World Magazine

Issue 386

June 2017

From coast to coast, the likes of Mikey Wright, Soli Bailey, Pat Gudauskas, Jay Davies and Taj Burrow have been going juice loony, and our favourite shutterbugs were there to pull focus. Next, leading surf photog, Corey Wilson, shares his latest captures of Mick, Wilko, Connor and Ethan but refuses to grow out his hair – we find out why. Then, they left the dribble of summer in their wake, but will they escape the reek of death? Read on as Ellis, Beau, Shaun, Harry and Pama to drive out to the badlands. Dion Agius and Shyama Buttonshaw get wind of a swell and stumble upon Ned’s Peak – a wave more triangle than ocean.

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