Surfing World Magazine

Surfing World Issue 364


Surfing World Magazine

Issue 364

August 2015

SW 364, also known as the August Issue for the year of our Lord 2015, is probably the best surf mag in Australia right now. How can we be so sure? Well for one thing we got a photo on the cover of Brett Burcher taken by a high school kid who got whipped in behind Burch and then belted onto the rocks and ragdolled along the floor of the ocean. You can actually see the whole shoot inside and it is way better than anything any other mag has done for you lately. We also have an interview with Mike Oblowitz, director of controversial Indo drug running docco Sea of Darkness. In it, Mike tells of how John Milius of Big Wednesday wanted to turn the story into the Apocolypse Now sequel before things went as pear shaped as a pear. It’s a must-read. What else? How about a bunch of stories from the freaky groovy life of Hawaiian surfer/shaper and style icon Reno Abelirra? What about a good old fashioned chinwag with our next fresh face on the WCT Jack Freestone? What about how to baby a giant baby eating caterpiller with Ozzie Wrong? This ish is stacked y’all. Ring the dinner bell and come git some.

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