Ask Me How Fast I Can Go!


What better way to piss off the in-laws on Christmas Day with this limited edition "Ask Me How Fast I Can Go" inside out gag T-shirt, with a bonus pair of Scott Recoil Goggles.

If anyone ask's you, just rip it over your head, throw out your throttle and brake hands and make the loudest Brarrrrp noises you can. 

Guaranteed to annoy everyone and make you look like a bloody legend at the Pub. 

What you get;

1 x Transmoto "Ask Me How Fast Can I Go" Inside Out Gag T-Shirt ($59.95)

1 x Scott Recoil Goggles  ($49.95)

1 x When All Else Fails Drink Beer - Bottle Opener  ($9.95)

1 x Don't Follow Me , I'm Lost Too Stubbie Cooler ($9.95)


YOU PAY: $99!

**Please note, place your order now and this pack will send to all customers on Monday 14th December (two weeks prior to Christmas) 

** stock is strictly limited to 100 units in Size Small to 3XL, when they are sold out, they are sold out, so rip in!

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