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The Ninth Wave

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The Ninth Wave: 100 Great Surfing Images of the Modern Age and the True Stories Behind Them

Author: Sean Doherty

The Ninth Wave is an ocean of images and stories, one complimenting the other.  It features stories from the world’s best-known surfers and several of its least.  The stories are captured with images taken by some of surf photography’s greatest contemporary talents, including Jon Frank, Andrew “Shorty” Buckley, Ted Grambeau, and Dustin Humphrey just to name a few.

The book has been released by Surfing World and was edited by surf writer Sean Doherty whose credits include national bestselling biographies.  “The beauty of the book is not only in the compelling nature of each photo, but in the collective magic they conjure,” said Doherty.

“Surfing means so many different things to so many different people, and some of the moments that resonate with surfers the most are often the simplest, most ephemeral moments. The photos and stories in the book cover the broad spectrum of the surfing experience.  With the flick of a page you can travel from the beach at Pipeline where the world title has just been decided, to the remote southwest of Tasmania where a lone surfer is paddling out into a 12 foot swell. Every wave, a story to tell,” said Doherty.

“It’s an incredible collection of images,” says one of the book’s stars, Joel Parkinson. “There are so many epic moments in there, and some guys who can tell a pretty tall story as well.”

Pick up this book for yourself or for any surf lover in your life.  This is truly a book that anyone can appreciate and enjoy.

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