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Surfing World Issue 385


Surfing World Magazine

Issue 385

May 2017

Risen like Lazarus, Owen Wright’s triumphant return from a life threatening brain injury to number one in the world is the stuff of legend. Now he's ready to reflect on his journey, in this tell all interview with Sean Doherty. Next, Derek Hynd takes us back to the 90's with 'Better Done Desperate' – a decade of surf industry boom, rising surf counter-culture and one man to rule it all. We also examine the 1992 Euro leg in 'Au Revoir Summer,' one of the wildest times for the ASP Tour, where some thrived and others perished as the party circus reached its year of reckoning. Finally, we explore the hard fought battle of Women's Pro Surfing during this decade, as Lauren Hill shows us just how far our sport has come in 'Bikini Kill'. And did you come to the Surfing World Camp? You might have a sneaky purso in this month's mag! Relive your favourite weekender under the gums. Where bush turkeys use iphones, dingos wear beanies & milkshakes jive the night away.

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