Surfing World Magazine

Surfing World Issue 393


Surfing World Magazine
Issue 393
January 2018

STOKE! Fire up that lust for life with the surf mag of the summer, what’s in it? How about…

SHOWDOWN AT THE BANZAI: Four men enter, one man leaves. Well, all men leave but only one will be World Champion. You backing John or Gabby? Jordy or Julian? Sean Doherty gives you the final word before the heavyweights of surfing enter the ring.

RAW POWER: One is a god of rock and roll and one of the most legendary characters of all time and the other is Iggy Pop. Find out how two absolute magic human beings came to hang out and chat about Lou Reed’s shitty keyboard song writing techniques.

TITTY TITTY BUM: SW convinced the wonderful Matt Wilkinson to shape a surfboard for the very first time. He studied and he toiles and the end result? Well let’s just it was an entertaining process watching him hack a perfectly good blank to pieces.

TEEBS AND SPONNAS: Did you know that photographer John Respondek is godfather to Taj Burrow’s daughter? Did you know that Sponalactic Tang & Teebs have released a beautiful new book? Ok, now you do.

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