Surfing World Magazine

Surfing World Issue 387


Surfing World Magazine

Issue 387

July 2017


When eight of the most unique surfers on the planet assemble to heed the call of one man, inspiration takes hold. John Florence & Kelly Slater. Craig Anderson & Rob Machado. Shane Dorian & Albee Layer. Dave Rastovich & Steph Gilmore. In their first long form interviews, the cast of Taylor Steele’s Proximity address the most compelling question in surfing right now: WHY?

50 years on, we celebrate The Endless Summer as the seminal document of our movement. One which continues to inspire generations of vagabond surfers to chase the thrill of the ride. Now, director Bruce Brown shares his. 

And at last! He’s the filmer’s surfer, and he’s set his dials for the future, with an eye for the past. Look to the rapid fire web edits of now, and you’ll find the grubby paint splattered finger prints of Ozzie Wright everywhere! From fan, to subject, character, creator & enabler – it’s only fitting that we ask one of surfing’s most prolific contributors ‘what’s next for the humble surf movie?’ With frame grabbingly good cameos from Mitch Coleborn and Noa Deane!

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